Monday, September 26, 2011

Old Staten Island street sign

Before 1985, every borough had their own distinctive street signs. Brooklyn used
black and white lettering, the Bronx used blue with white lettering, and Staten Island used gold with black  lettering(Manhattan used the same). Today, all the street signs are green with white lettering, but traces of NYC's past are still around, like this old street sign for Bennington St., one of the smallest blocks, if not the smallest on the Island; it is located between Robinson Ave. and Armstrong Ave. This classic sign was spotted on the Robinson Ave. side.


  1. Hm, it's a bit of a shame that most of the distinctive street signs are gone now. In any case, it was probably done to save time and avoid confusion. Seeing one still standing is nice.

  2. You're definitely right! It's nice to see a street sign, or anything else, to stand the test of time in the age of Czar Bloomberg. I wish everyday that NYC would go back to its heart and soul.